The Project

We were asked to provide our expertise to integrate a chocolate remelter (which allows for bulk storage of chocolate products so that they can be melted and used as needed) with a pigging (pipe cleaning) system. The client chose the remelter and pigging system according to their unique specifications. The remelter was supplied by Production Techniques Limited (PTL). Based in New Zealand, PTL specializes in the design and manufacture of customized chocolate processing machinery that is safe and easy to operate, maintain and clean.

A pig is a term used to describe a device that is forced through a piping system in order to clean the interior walls. Pigging is the process that keeps pipes clean, ensuring that the product flow is hygienic and efficient. The pigging system in this project was supplied by Hygienic Pigging Systems UK Ltd (HPS).

We then coordinated the connection points and determined the best routing for the new system. The whole project was commissioned and installed within a week due to our streamlined design and planning process which ensures that all details are worked out on paper ahead of time.

We provided a seamlessly integrated system which:

  • Is designed according to green principles
  • Is designed in close collaboration with the client’s engineers
  • Is energy efficient
  • Integrates separate systems harmoniously
  • Conserves product and reduces waste
  • Allows for the efficient and safe storage of many tons of product without compromising quality


Challenges And Solution

The high-end chocolate products produced by the client required customized designs that take into account the specific requirements of chocolate making. If product is not kept at the right temperature or humidity, it can spoil, or become too viscous and thus block pipes or damage equipment.


REMELTER. The remelter had been installed in an area of the building that was fairly cold so the process piping required heating. The remelting station also includes a pallet lifter and an operator access platform. The client also specified the need for: guarding to ensure safety, adjustable shelving and consideration of future height adjustment needs.

PIGGING SYTEM. The pigging system required compressed air in two locations where it came into contact with the process piping. Compressed air is created mechanically and can often be dirty, wet, or oily.


Our cost-effective solution was to provide a heat trace for the process piping, (custom fabricated from 316L stainless steel tubing), the remelter, and the storage tanks. A simple, but highly effective, jacketed piping system was designed. The system comprises an outer tube of heated water surrounding an inner tube which isolates the chocolate while providing a heated water jacket to keep the pure cocoa liquor from hardening.

To accommodate future height considerations, the remelter platform and stairs were designed with a simple but creative height adjustment solution. The leg sections can be easily removed. This allows the platform to be adjusted, as required, for future needs.

We included a filtration solution for the compressed air in the pigging system to ensure no contamination of product or process piping.


Getting You Back to the Business of Making Your Products.

Creative Design Process

Our creative design process allows us to quickly gather input from our team of metal fabrication experts. The client’s drawings are quickly and efficiently circulated within the organization, drawing on multiple levels of expertise. This is followed by meticulous design process in which all equipment is prefabricated ahead of time, allowing for seamless and speedy installation without any disruption to the client’s manufacturing processes.

Rigorous pre-installation testing

All systems are rigorously tested before being installed. The stainless steel pipes are hydrostatically and dye penetrant tested, as well as passivated prior to installation. Stringent measures ensure sanitation and safety.

The tubing assemblies are sealed with end caps. To ensure sanitary welds, the pipes are purge welded with Argon. All welds are also x-rayed as an extra precaution.