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Chocolate production can be a complex and capital intensive process depending on desired production volume. It requires knowledge and years of experience to develop an efficient and stable process. 

We leverage our relationships with many of the OEM's that produce specialty equipment for the various operations in the chocolate making process. Throughout the project, we provide you with the experience and oversight to weave OEM Solutions with your unique process and property.

We have expertise in the following areas of processing:

  • Green Bean Handling, Storing, Sorting, Cleaning, Destoning, Cocoa Bean Pre-Treatment and Winnowing
  • Nib & Shell Handling and Storage to Dust Collection Systems
  • Nib Roasting to Nib Storage
  • Raw Material Storage, Handling, and Dosing of Cocoa Butter, Lecithin, AMF, Liquor
  • Liquor Grinding, Milling, Filtering, Pigging and Storage
  • Cocoa Butter Processing, Handling, Dosing and Storage
  • Tank Farms: Jacketed and Un-Jacketed
  • Lot Control
  • Dosing Systems
  • Pigging Systems
  • Tanker Loading and Tanker Un-Loading Systems
  • Filtration: Vibratory and Automatic
  • Mass Mixing, Pre-Refining, Refining, and Conching
  • Mass Storage Tank Farms, Lot Control, Handling, Pigging, and Pumping

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