We become your partner, physically as well as philosophically. We embed ourselves with your team so we can provide You with solutions that are timely, efficient and effective to optimize your growth.

Your success is our success.


STEP 1: Evaluate & Develop a plan

We like to see, feel and experience things first hand. That means, in order to find the right solution for you, we embed our team directly in your facilities.

During our Evaluation and Development Phase, we spend extensive time exploring, discussing and immersing ourselves in your current process and facility to understand your capabilities and strategic desires. We like to create several options and capital requirements for each option. The goal is to very quickly develop a strategy, a cost structure, and a timeline for the project. We need to find cost effective solutions that meet your needs and capital constraints.


Because we specialize in chocolate and coffee, we understand the complexities of the process. We have first hand experience of proper handling and control methods. 

Whether designing tank farms; dust collection systems; or batching, metering, and mixing systems, we will ensure that your project utilizes the best possible equipment and processes to meet your strategic needs. We will integrate them to ensure smooth and efficient process execution, and keep you involved as we move through process.  

Design services include:

  • Comprehensive system process design

  • Process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) Development 

  • CAD Drawings 

  • Field Survey and Facility Layout

  • Process pipping, utility design, and specifications

  • Electrical controls and automation design

  • Workflow and process system optimization

STEP 3: BUILD & installation

Our project managers and construction superintendent will plan and supervise every aspect of the build, installation and commissioning phases of the project.

Additionally, whether self-performing work or sub-contracting work our construction superintendent will oversee all installation crews involved in our projects. This ensures that your project is completed with the highest quality workmanship and complies with all safety and sanitary standards.

All custom sanitary and jacketed piping is manufactured in-house by our team of welders–we have extensive experience in the production of sanitary piping.