Mike Rabith joined Jerome & Horner in 2014, with 34 years of engineering experience, including two dozen years in the chocolate industry at Ghirardelli and Blommer Chocolate as well as 21 years as a Nuclear Power Officer in the United States Navy and Navy Reserve. Mike utilizes his vast industry and leadership experience to spearhead complex projects throughout the coffee and chocolate industries, minimizing down time, maximizing efficiency and finding rapid, effective solutions to complex problems.

Since joining Jerome & Horner, Mike has led over 130 complex maintenance projects as well as installing Premium Coffee drag chain conveyors, Winnower Shell Conveying Systems, Depositor and Cooling Tunnel systems, Seismic upgrades to structural platforms and a multi-phased Day Use Tanks.

Mike holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Irvine and an MBA from National University and specializes in all aspects of Chocolate Manufacturing and utility upgrades.