Owner and Ceo

Tom LeClair is the fourth owner of Jerome & Horner. He purchased the company in 2004 and has transformed it from a general purpose sheet metal contractor to the Chocolate and Coffee industry’s leader in design & build services.

Bringing 25 years of experience, Tom honed his expertise through years of industry relationships and manufacturing work. He prides himself on knowing his team and his customers inside and out, from the line workers who implement the changes to the CEOs who green light the projects.

Tom is also the President and CEO of Voltaire Compressor Solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Boston College and a Master’s in Business Administration from Georgetown University–McDonough School of Business and ESADE Business and Law School.

Tom plays golf, soccer, runs, skis, and enjoys traveling (proficiently speaking French and Farsi).  Tom has two boys and coaches their soccer teams. He has served on several boards and is presently the President of Montclair Soccer Club.